Penis Jelqing and Better Alternatives to Jelqing Techniques


Jelqing has been a popular technique of penis enlargement for centuries, when Sudanese Arabs discovered that by "milking" their semi-flaccid penis they could make their penis bigger. The most common jelqing method is to make an "OK" symbol with your right hand, then firmly grab the base of your non-erect penis in the OK symbol created between your thumb and forefinger, and steadily work your way down to the penis head. What you're trying to do is force more blood through your penis, which will break down the tissues much like lifting weights will do for your arms.

When the tissues inside your penis repair themselves they will be stronger and larger, or that is the theory. There are also other jelqing techniques, some of which are safe and some are not.

While jelqing has long been used for penis enlargement, there have been questioning regarding the long term safety and effects on mens' penises. Power jelqing is a technique where you basically squeeze your penis between two powerful rollers that pull and stretch your penis. This is not considered safe - for one thing you don't have as much control of the force used during this jelqing method.

It has been discovered that warming the tissues up in your penis before jelqing will reduce short term injuries such as bruising or pain, much like a warm up helps before you do a workout at the gym. The recommendation is to always use a warm wet facecloth or towel to wrap around your genitals before the jelqing routine.

An alternative to jelqing and power jelqing is penile exercises. Penis exercises don't include any weight lifting, they are usually extended forms of jelq techniques. The most common penis exercises are based on different variations of the jelq technique that are taken to a higher level.

The main difference between jelqing and penis exercises is that exercises can focus on certain aspects of penis enlargement, such as length or girth. Jelqing can not do this, as the jelqing technique is a simple general penis enlargement method and can't be focused on a single part of the penis.

As you can probably understand, jelqing for penile enlargement is a complicated task. There is too much information, and too many different jelqing techniques and methods to explain in one article. This article touches on the history of jelqing, some different jelqing methods, and briefly on penis exercises. You should try to learn more about penis enlargement and jelqing before you attempt a daily jelq routine, as injury and long term effects should always be taken into account.

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