Dental Implant Procedure: A Plain Explanation

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Many people are getting dental implants as a cure for their dental problems. Dental implants are preferred over dentures because they not only look and function like real teeth but also are convenient and enduring. For some, the understanding of the exact dental implant procedure is perhaps something that will help them make the decision.

Talking to Your Dentist

You need to get your dental condition carefully examined before you receive implants. Aside from your dental condition, your dentist may also need to know about your medical history and current medications, if any. This initial assessment will help determine whether implants are suitable for you.

Aside from determining your fitness, knowing your dental and health conditions will allow your dentist to determine the right procedure and approach for you. There are different forms of implants depending on a patient's jaw condition. Some may also require bone grafting or antibiotics before implantation.

Inserting the Implants

The first step in the implantation procedure is the placement of the implant itself. This is usually made of titanium. This is the material of choice because the human jawbone often merges well with it. Take note though that some implants are eventually rejected.

Before the implantation, bone grafting is a must step for patients with insufficient jawbones. Others can proceed to the implantation directly. As can be imagined, anesthesia is used before the dentist opens your gum and drills your jawbone. This is followed by the placement of implants and the stitching of your gum opening.


What you may not realise is that you can only go for the next step after a couple of months. During this waiting period, your bone will grow around and merge well with the implant. For some patients, this healing period may take half a year at the most.

Placement of the Post

Once the jawbone has merged with the implant, the next step is to attach the post which will hold the crown or artificial tooth. It is installed through another opening made on the gum, and is then attached to the implant. You will be asked to wait for a couple of weeks though for the gums to heal around the post.

Crown Placement

When your gum gets healed, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth and make the right crown. The aim is for the crown to have the same or similar color and appearance to your missing tooth. The crown is placed on the post.

The dental implant procedure may seem much like a straightforward process to some people, but a rather complex (if not scaring) one to others. Whatever you feel about the process, make sure that you have an expert and qualified dentist to do the job for you. That way, the success of your dental implant is more guaranteed

If you are thinking about getting implantation, make sure you visit our site to learn more about dental implant procedure. You may also gain a lot by visiting our complete online dental guide if you have another area of dental concern.

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