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Greater percentage of the people in the world is suffering from eye problem. It is becoming the common problem invariably for all age groups. This is due to the inadequate intake of β carotene in the diet. β carotene is a fat soluble vitamin needed for clear vision.

β carotene is converted into retinol in the body and helps in vision in the dim light by activating the rod cells in the retina. Adequate supply of this β carotene will improve the eye sight. Moringa contains β carotene which can be supplemented regularly to prevent the occurrence of eye problem.

Untreated eye problem may even lead to the loss of eye sight. Moringa wit its unbelievable properties contain 4 times the β carotene content of carrot, make the body to get the nutrient sufficiently. Moringa contains the entire essential nutrient for the maintenance of the body function and there by improving the health status of the individual.

Moringa is the richest source of iron, calcium, β carotene, potassium. It contains 90 + nutrients and 46 antioxidant content of the Moringa helps to prevent the formation of malignancy. β carotene also helps to prevent cardio vascular problem and it plays a vital role against infection.

Though vitamin A can be supplemented parentally, regular intake of β carotene rich food will be beneficial as it elevate the vitamin A level in the blood steadily. Vitamin A not only helps in vision, it also protects our body from infection.

Moringa leaf is dried carefully to prevent their nutrient loss and it is powdered. This will be providing all its beneficial properties. This product can be used even in off seasons. Regular consumption of Moringa is made easy by Grenera Nutrients as they introduce Yelixir Moringa capsules, prepared from 100% natural Moringa as a supplement to prevent the deficiency diseases. To get more information about Yelixir Moringa capsules and for the purchase of Yelixir Moringa capsules and Moringa powder visit and

Moringa is 100% pure natural supplement for the healthy life. It contains 90+ nutrients and 46 antioxidants, keeps our body fit.

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