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Planning your outfit for the evening? Don't forget about your shoes. Sexy shoes can enhance a perfect outfit. Many women unfortunately forget about their footwear when putting together their outfits and this can ruin a great outfit. Are you forgetting about your feet?

Boots and platforms can really compliment your new outfit. Put on a pair of high heel boots with that mini skirt and see if it doesn't draw lots of attention. Don't forget however that you need to take care of of your legs and feet. Using lotions and creams and shaving regularly will help keep them looking and feeling sexy and smooth. Don't forget about your toe nails either. Keep them trimmed and painted. You will look good and feel good every day if you take care of your feet and legs.

There are five main categories that most sexy footwear will fall into:

Platform Shoes Sandals Pumps Wide Width Shoes Boots

Always considered sexy of course of pumps. Women have been wearing pumps for man years. A sexy pair of pumps with a three to four inch heel not only looks great but will of course add a sexy look to the curvature of your calves. A nice pair of pumps will always make any woman look and feel confident.

Platforms have made a recent comeback and they are great for multiple reasons. Women who want to add a little more height to themselves can do so with a great pair of platforms. You can feel taller and create the appearance of longer, sexier legs. They also have sexy high-heeled platforms in many styles, colors and great hot looks to complete any outfit.

Gonna dance the night away? Consider a sexy pair of sandals. You can be fashion savy, show off your feet and be comfortable all at the same time. Try putting on your favorite pair of jeans and a sexy pair of strappy sandals. A sexy pair of sandals with ankle straps will always make you look hot, no matter what your wearing.

Did you know that boots can be sexy? We're not talking about rugged work boots here; we're talking about sleek and sexy thigh highs, stiletto heels and lace-up leather boots. We're talking about super-sexy, feminine boots to suit every taste and style. High boots and sexy stilettos look especially great with short skirts and dresses or short shorts.

If you have a wider foot, you will be uncomfortable trying to squeeze into a typical pump or sandal. Wide width shoes allow you to still feel sexy while being comfortable in shoes that accommodate your foot size comfortably. Remember that size is important when it comes to a great shoe.

You need to consider some things when picking out those sexy shoes to go with your outfits. Of course what your planning to do and where you are going is one of the most important factors to consider. Personal taste always plays a role in your choices but I've listed some hints to help:

* How long will you be wearing your shoes? If only a short time maybe you can be creative and wear something a little more exotic. If your planning a day of it, or a night of it you might want to choose something a bit more comfortable that will put less stress on your legs and feet. * Whats the occasion? If your going dancing or walking, wear shoes that are comfortable. You can look great without giving up the comfort. * Always make sure your wearing the proper size. If your shoes are too small or too large you will be uncomfortable and prolonged wearing of the wrong size shoe can lead to serious medical problems with not only your feet but with your back and legs. This is true no matter what style shoe you choose for your outfit. * Be creative with your shoes. Don't fall into the rut of thinking the only pair of sexy shoes are brown or black. There are lots of colors available from shoe companies so don't be afraid to experiment with different colors.

Next time you are choosing your hot sexy outfit for clubbing, a night out with the girls or a steamy date, don't forget the importance of your feet. Pamper those tootsies with a nice pedicure and then go show them off!

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