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Chios Mastic Gum

Chios mastic is a resinous aromatic substance that comes from boles and branches of the mastic tree. The tree is scientifically named Pistacia Lentiscious var. Chia and it is an evergreen bush which grows only in the south part of Chios island of Aegean Sea. What is more, Chios natural mastic gum is a regional protected name by the European Union.

Chios mastic has been widely used for therapeutic purposes since antiquity and it was well know to almost all Mediterranean and Arabic countries. It was usually used as part of traditional and practical treatments for healing of various conditions such as gastritis, dyspepsia and peptic ulcer. Nowadays, the scientific community has validated the beneficial use of natural mastic gum. Results of laboratory and clinical studies by many independent researchers have revealed and verified the unique therapeutic attributes of Chios natural gum.

Additionally, regular chewing of Chios gum can assists in reduction of bacteria in the oral cavity and dental plague. Moreover, chewing Chios mastic gum is beneficial to teeth health because it helps gum's fitness. Chios natural mastic gum has a special taste and toughness and this causes bigger saliva excretion resulting to a fresh and clean feeling.

Chios Mastic Powder

The nutritional supplement with Chios mastic powder and the prebiotic inulin contributes to proper function and better health of the digestive system.

Chios mastic is traditionally used to heal derangements of digestion while, up to date scientific researches, which are published in authoritative and reliable health magazines, verify the beneficial action to digestive system. In addition to this, other researches have proved that this unique natural product has several valuable attributes for the human body (antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiphlogistic properties).

The prebiotic inulin, is a vegetable fibre of Chicory's roots that evidently promotes the formation of useful gut bacteria called bifidus.

Therefore, it is advisable to use this nutritional supplement once every day. The appropriate dose is 2-3 grams diluted into a glass of water or brew and it is better to drink it every morning before breakfast.

Chios Mastic Water

Chios mastic water is naturally scented with the unique perfume of the mastic gum and it includes some of the therapeutic attributes of Chios mastic. It is 100% natural distillate and contains little quantity of Mastic Essential oil and carries the waterborne ingredients of Chios mastic and its helpful attributes.

Chios mastic water can be used daily, every morning and every night as hydration and tonic lotion that can offer coolness and natural glow to your skin. Moreover, it can achieve deep cleansing of your skin and perfume your body. Additionally, cosmetics researches alleged that Chios mastic extract reduces the disintegration of collagen.

Chios mastic water is dermatological tested. Clinical trials which made by the Sigrou University Hospital proved that Chios mastic water is safe for skin, for the reason that healthy volunteer who were treated by it, did not show up any irritation of their skin.

George Kakaris is a lover of natural health and lives in Chios island. Visit his site devoted to> Aromatherapy and read about the natural therapeutic attributes of various> Essential oils that come from all over the world.

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