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Every so often a new health care product comes
onto the market that really makes a difference.
AlgaeCal International of Vancouver, Canada may
have just such a product in their new calcium
supplement for those with Osteopenia or

AlgaeCal Plus is made from a special marine algae
found in Brazil. As such it is the world's first
pure plant sourced calcium. . AlgaeCal Plus is
enhanced with vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Both
supplements have been show to be important for
the building of bone.

AlgaeCal International has conducted laboratory
tests and commissioned a significant clinical
trial in preparation for taking this exciting new
ingredient to market. Preliminary findings are
very positive.

What is most impressive is that the company
recognizes that Calcium alone does not reverse
Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. They have put
together an entire program for those using the
supplement. The AlgaeCal Bone Health Program
consists of AlgaeCal Plus, Strontium Boost and an
exercise program. Strontium Boost is a strontium
citrate supplement. Again, the company has
commissioned clinical studies to measure the
effectiveness of the program.

The number of women with Osteopenia (thin bones)
or Osteoporosis (porous bone) has increased
greatly in recent years. Some health care
professionals call these conditions a 'silent
epidemic? Left unchecked they can lead to
spontaneous fractures. Spinal fractures are
painful and often leave patients with humped
backs. Hip fractures are even more serious since
50% of those suffering a fractured hip dies
within a year of their fracture and of those that
do survive, most can no longer live independently.

The manufacturers of AlgaeCal Plus are so
confident that it will increase bone density when
taken for at least one year, that they are offer
a double money back guarantee to anyone who buys
and uses the product as directed..

Learn more about AlgaeCal Plus and its scientific studies at

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