The Quickest Way to Speed Up Your Fat Loss Rate is Water

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Did you know there is a very incredibly simple and easy way to speed up your fat burning metabolism, while also improving your appearance overnight? No, this isn't some gimmicky weight loss supplement, fancy workout gizmo or "top secret" dieting strategy. It is quite simple and seemingly apparent but nonetheless extremely effective.

We always get told that we should drink plenty of water, and for good reasons, not only does it improve your overall appearance, its also beneficial to your bottom line fat burning results, and muscle building. It's hugely important, and if you aren't someone who pays close attention to the amount of water that you drink each day, you are definitely short-changing your progress. Let me lay out the points for you to see.

1) Water increases strength and performance in the gym. Studies demonstrate that if you're the least bit dehydrated it may dramatically reduce your strength and endurance. In fact, merely a 3-4% drop in your body's water levels will lead to a 10-20% decrease in muscle contractions. When it comes to intense weight training and cardio sessions in the gym, it is critical that your strength and energy levels are always at their best.

2) Water aids in the prevention of injuries. Hard weight training and cardio over a long period of time can put unwanted stress on your joints and connective tissues. Water helps alleviate stress on the joints by providing lubrication and a protective cushion around the joints.

3) Drinking water will aid in your body's digestion of food. Water is needed for the break down of large macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats into smaller usable components. You should drink in lot of water to ensure that all the nutrients from the food you eat are fully and propererly utilized by your body.

4) Water directly increases the fat burning metabolism. One of the primary jobs of the liver is to metabolize fat. However, another one of the liver's duties is to assist the kidneys, whose main function is to flush out waste products through the urine. When your water intake is less than optimal, these waste products will accumulate in the body and will force both the kidneys and the liver to work additionally hard to clear out the waste.

You force your liver to assist the kidneys rather than burn fat when you become dehydrated. As a result, your body's rate of fat burning will decrease.

5) Increased water consumption decreases water retention. If you have a reduced intake of water, the body reacts by hoarding more water as an instinctive survival mechanism. All of that water will end up in the places you want it least: your face, arms, stomach, butt, thighs, and everywhere else you can think of. You can actually force your body to slim down slightly in just a matter of days by increasing your water intake. Since your body will now be provided with a constant external source of water, it will no longer have any incentive to store excessive amounts.

Keep in mind that your body is already dehydrated if you feel thirsty. For the optimal functioning of your body a certain amount of water is required and if you are consuming that proper amount you should never really feel thirsty throughout a regular, routine day.

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