how to manage stress: a step by step approach

Stress Management:

Do you know how to manage stress? You should know because uncontrolled stress can damage your physical and mental well being. There are many great ways to help you put stress in control. Sometimes though following stress reduction techniques blindly may not work at all. You need to follow some steps if you want to beat stress effectively.

Step 1: Assess the Cause of Stress

You may not be able to effectively deal with stress if you do not find out its cause. Your first priority should therefore be to find out the exact causes that make you anxious, worried and frustrated. Although work may be a big stress factor, it isn't responsible for every single stressful moment. There are other life stressors. These can range from relationships to household concerns. In any case, you can deal with stress in a better way if you zero in on the main causes.

Step 2: Fight or Fly

The key to finding out how to manage stress comes after finding out your stressors. Once you know what they are, you need to further assess whether you can let go of these stressors or not. Some experts would advice against running away from issues and dealing with them outright instead. There are however, some situations that you can afford to let go of. This could include an emotionally and mentally draining friendship or an unfair work arrangement you are allowed to complain about. Turning your back on stressors like these can be done.

If you cannot move away from the source of your stress, then you have to deal with it. These can be anything from your daily family life to your work duties. Instead of running away from them, you simply have to use some stress management techniques. You can use deep breathing and mental imagery to calm yourself even at the height of stress. These are examples of basic relaxation techniques that are easy to learn and use. You can also schedule monthly or yearly work leaves so you can go out on a relaxing trip.

Step 3: Use Daily Stress Busters

For a lot of people, stress is a daily fact of life. What do you do, when you are under a lot of stress and you can't take a vacation? The answer is to practice some good daily techniques that will help you confront stress and fight its potentially ill effects.

Push back the effects of stress with some common daily habits. Eating right and sleeping well at night for example are some ways to help you deal with stress. You can also make sure that you have a few hours everyday or every night devoted to your personal relaxation. At these times, you should promise yourself to set aside everything that stresses you out. You can do anything that you find personally relaxing. You may for example go out for a break with some friends, watch a light movie or listen to relaxing music.

Follow these steps on how to manage stress. You'll find yourself healthier and fit to face the challenges of everyday.

Take control of your life. Find tips on how to manage stress and information on how does stress affect health.

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